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We at Boss Auto Sales have personally worked with and recommend Nando's Service, New York Auto Depot, Basset's Service Center, and Greg's Auto Repair for their quality and value of work. They are all known for their legendary troubleshooting skills with all brands of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. These are the best mechanics known to us in Rochester. They are fair and honest!!!




I, Ivan senior began mechanical work in my teen years in Russia and later became college educated in all forms of automobile mechanics.

I have worked at Nando's as a professional mechanic and certified motor vehicle inspector for ten years, after that I moved to used car sales and have done it for more than ten years.


William F. Berl

1946 - 2017

Thanks to the devotion of Bill with his many years of experience, we want to thank him for giving us the opportunity to be able to continue his legacy of being able to serve Monroe county and its surrounding area with quality vehicles. We are forever grateful for the many years he devoted to the company and the wisdom he has passed on to us. We send our condolences to his family, and most of all his wife Joanne whom he loved so much, who stood by him and took care of him.

Rest in peace Bill
We miss you

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